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Our clinic


  • At Mecidiyeköy, the heart of Istanbul
  • Operating rooms equipped with the most advanced modern systems
  • Over ten years of experience…
  • Thousands of successful transplantation…
  • Up-to-date solutions and approaches…
  • Lifelong warranty…
  • Most natural hairline…
  • Organic hair transplantation…
  • 5-star transfer and accommodation services if desired…
  • Detailed medical information and support before and after application…
Our consultants
  • Our Consultant; Prof. Dr. A KORKMAZ
  • 26 years of academic background
  • Over 200 international research and publication
  • Turkish Scientific Council (TUBITAK) Scientist of the year award
  • Patented on hair support products
  • Dermal Papilla Induction ©
  • First and only practitioner or Mitochondrial Energy Boosting © methods

  • And is still continuing his research on hair, hair physiology, and hair loss mechanisms
  • Hair transplant specialist
  • Ten years of clinical experience
  • Scientist, Researcher, Biologist
  • With techniques developed in the light of scientific studies, He has achieved results beyond expectations in quality of hair transplantation. Some of them can be listed as “hair density technique”, “two-in-one technique” and “curly hair transplantation technique
  • He is the most consulted expert on revision or faulty hair transplantation and is still, continuing his research on hair and new techniques of hair transplantation
Our Team
Happy, Full of smiles and excitement..., Dynamic, Scientific, Ethical, Hygienic and Academic...
What makes us different
Saç Analizi
Analysis of hair and scalp
Hair sensitive to aging and hormones will shed but. However, regions that are not sensitive to hormones have hair resistant to shedding. We transplant the hair from these regions with the most appropriate method in place of the shedding hair
Damar Analizi
Skin circulation analysis
Poor blood circulation to the skin can cause hair loss after transplantation. By analyzing these risks, we can increase the blood flow of hair transplantation area with support products.
Personalized hair transplantation
Each individual is different These differences must be reflected in the treatment We plan all our goals according to the person's genetic and characteristic features.
Personalized Support Products
After hair transplantation, we offer the best and scientifically proven support products for your planted hair as well as your own hair
Multi-root planting
The number of hair strands transplanted to the region is more important than the number of hair roots transplanted. By doing this analysis we plan multiple root planting.
Hair density analysis
After hair transplantation, we try to get the best result by calculating which area will be covered when your hair grows... Our goal is to capture the most natural and successful image...
Frequently asked questions
How many days should we allocate for hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation is completed within 1 day The next day is dressing and the day after that is washing. After a total of two nights, the whole process is completed.
Can the transplanted hair shed?
The hair transplanted to the area which needs transplantation is genetically coded to resist hair loss so the transplanted hair doesn't shed.
Does the transplanted hair grow after transplantation?
The Hair transplantation process uses your own hair follicles, Therefore, the transplanted hair grows with the same thickness shape and color without any change
How long does the hair transplant process take?
Hair transplantation process takes 6-8 hours on average. 2 hours reception process, 1-2 hours grooving process is performed by an expert who judges the location and direction of your hair follicles. After a break, the replacement of hair follicles or dressing will take place which lasts for 2 hours.
will it look obvious that I had a hair transplant?
In hair transplantation, 100% natural looking hair pattern is obtained with the help of FUE and additional personalized techniques resulting in hair facing its natural direction with the same density without leaving any marks.
Is it possible to have hair transplanted without having my hair cut?
If the area to be transplanted is wide the hair on your neck must be cut short and the whole area is transplanted. However, if the transplanting area is small and your hair is long a window will be opened and shortened from your nape and all hair will be transplanted without cutting and nobody will understand that you have transplanted hair.

Hair Time
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